Day-Care Center August-Krogmann-Straße

We offer an educational “Play-Island” for children from 0 to 14 years of age (nursery, elementary area and after-school care club) with flexible care times within the opening hours from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We make sure, that your child’s “kindergarten-time” becomes an unforgettable, attractive experience.

„Children are the true artists"

We continuously offer

  • Creative arts
  • Sports
  • English
  • Pre-school work (from 5 years of age)
  • Early musical education
  • Cultural offers (Theater, Visits to museums and churches)
  • Periodic field trips within the urban district
  • Home economics, cooking and baking
  • Nature workshop
  • Imaginative Journeys
  • Linguistic aid
  • Daily, versatile breakfast buffet
  • Purchased lunch
  • Support and interest groups such as e.g. Art-Group
  • Fine motor skills

In our small, family-like designed domicile, children have the possibility of trying out various areas to playfully learn through the given offers and try out their skills.

Our Education
“Getting children strengthened for life and giving them the possibility, of growing up in their environment, whilst being in line with themselves”

  • We work pursuant to the concept of open work.
  • We recognize children as independent individuals and support them in discovering the future.
  • We’re open for the children’s needs
  • Three fundamental needs earmark our everyday life: estimation, affiliation and exertion of influence.
  • An inherent daily routine and clear rules support the social cooperation
  • Affectionate care in our educational actions
  • We are a large domicile for children with countless educational opportunities
  • Children are the best researchers

Our Projects

  • We’re Building a City
  • Workshop: Light and Shade
  • Indians and their Customs
  • Sounds from all over the World
  • Road Safety Education
  • Circus
  • Forest Weeks
  • Exploration of Nature
  • Nutrition: What’s healthy, what’s good for us?

… and much more!